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Tapestry of Enchantment by Karen Webb

Tapestry of Enchantment (Book 2 in The Adventurers of the Carotian Union) The questors for the Lost Prince of Thalas step through the portal to their second adventure --- and find themselves a thousand years in the past. Only their lone outworld companion can recognize the place as his own home world and the era as one that has been deliberately shrouded in mystery by his land's mainstream church. The questors must discover how and why magic, once used commonly in everyday life, came to be banned during this time period and must rescue one of the outworld knight's own forebears by reassembling a fabulous tapestry, the physical component of the spell that allowed her capture. And a critical few pieces of the tapestry will only manifest when the questors solve certain problems --- whose solutions cause them to start disappearing one by one...


Mind, Heart, and Spirit: Educators Speak
Cover of Mind, Heart, and Spirit: Educators Speak

by Heather Cardin

Mind, Heart, and Spirit: Educators Speak is a collection of real-life stories from a diverse group of educators on a wide range of issues such as how to deal with difficult students, the role or parents and religion in a child's education, and the similarities and differences in educating children in different cultures across the globe. Filled with interesting anecdotes and personal accounts, this is an intimate, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhilarating insight into the experiences of all these educators as they have struggled to overcome various challenges in educating children. Their passion for teaching and their devotion to their students come shining through and offer a glimpse of the important role that Baha'i education - with its emphasis on unity, tolerance, and diversity - can play in shaping the lives of young people today.



Cover of Heritage of Light: The Spiritual Destiny of America

Heritage of Light: The Spiritual Destiny of America by Janet A. Khan

Heritage of Light is an accessible descirption of the American Baha'i community and a penetrating look at the spiritual destiny of America. This exploration traces the historical and spiritual connections that link the American Baha'is with the early Baha'is of Iran, who displayed an unparalleled staunchness of faith and heroism in the face of unspeakable brutal persecution and oppression. The author's examination of the writings of the Baha'i Faith, along with extensive historical and archival records, demonstrates the unique role assigned to the American Baha'is and to the American nation as a whole in the development of a unified global society and the eventual inauguration of a world civilization.

Janet A. Khan is a member of the Research Department at the Baha'i World Center in Haifa, Israel, the international headquarters of the religion. She has written two books for Baha'i Publishing and has held academic positions at the University of Michigan and the University of Queensland, Australia. She lives in Israel.



Cover of The Bab: The King of Messengers

The Bab: The King of Messengers
by Dr. Riaz Ghadimi

This treatise is not a book of history. It is the text of an address about the greatness of the revelation of the Bab. It covers highlights of the life of the Bab as well as describing the fate of the persecutors of the Bab and His companions. It also addresses the references in the Revelation of the Bab to the subsequent Revelation of Baha'u'llah. Read more...